Working with people and businesses to create new ideas, to transform, grow and face the future with resilience and sustainability.

I am a Non-Exec Director, Consultant and Leadership Coach, specialising in creating an organisations’ WHY or Vision, Culture & Behavioural Change, Leadership or Team Resilience, Income Generation Strategies, Sustainability and Bid Writing.

As a former CEO, my role was to lead the charity; create the strategy for income generation, enterprise and sustainability; lead and inspire the team; create a culture of passion, creativity, energy and productivity; develop strategic partnerships and new project development.

A few of my key successes as CEO are:

  • Growing the organisation’s income from £200k to £1.5m p.a.
  • Raising £16 million for Scottish Waterways Trust
  • Leading a diverse team of staff and volunteers
  • Creating the award-winning canal college ® – £1.4m outdoor skills and learning programme
  • Inspiring over 7,000 people p.a. to engage with the Scotland’s Canals and Waterways
  • Motivating 500 people per annum to volunteer on Scotland’s Canals and Waterways
  • Winning Community Charity of the Year 2017 and People’s Choice Charity of the Year 2017
  • Engaging 3,500 people p.a. in the Canals rich and diverse heritage

I am an experienced leader in third sector organisations, social enterprises and SME’s specialising in building new Boards or creating stronger, more effective Boards including challenging and improving team behaviours, leadership styles and team/board dynamics.

As a Certified Leadership Coach and Mentor, I work across all sectors including Leaders, Executives, Boards and Organisations of FTSE 100, Third Sector and SME’s.

I specialise in working with people or organisations to create a new path, to go the distance and to face the future with a resilient mindset. I identify behaviours or styles of leadership which may be holding organisations or business back or changing patterns to create growth and unlocking problems through thinking differently and identifying and trying new options.

My key qualities include:

  • 26 years senior Leadership experience in the Third Sector
  • Leading diverse and complex teams
  • Managing significant organisational and cultural change
  • Skilled in developing people’s confidence and resilience to ensure they have the capability to grow their business, self and their organisation
  • Through high emotional intelligence, I can quickly identify issues or behaviours which are creating blockages
  • Able to ask those difficult questions that currently have no answers or have not been on the radar
  • Future-orientated with ability to envisage clear outcomes and scenarios

Relevant recent qualifications:

  • Certified Leadership Coach and Business Mentor – registered with IOD Scotland and Scottish Chamber of Commerce
  • Accredited Practitioner in Social Style® & Versatility
  • Emotional Intelligence Trainer

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Coaching Experience

Registered Coach & Mentor, Institute of Directors Scotland, HIE Programme

Associate Coach, Accelerate Development, https://www.linkedin.com/in/des-christofi-1799254/

Registered Coach & Mentor, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, Women’s Business Mentoring Programme

Associate Coach, IC Transformations, http://www.ictransformations.com/

Associate Coach, Drew Cameron Associates, http://www.drewcameronassociates.co.uk/


I live in Edinburgh with my partner – a long way from my hometown of Liverpool, but fate brought me to Scotland and that’s where I’ve stayed for the last 25+ years. In my spare time, I enjoy running, cycling, walking and exploring Scotland’s natural treasures. I adore the world’s creatures but, if pushed, I’d have to say cats hold a special place in my heart. I also love to cook and am at my happiest in the kitchen creating yummy vegetarian dishes – ideally with a glass of bubbles in my hand!