Strategic Direction Strategic planning is an essential activity that all organisations should undertake. It is essential for knowing what you want to achieve, for maintaining high quality outcomes for beneficiaries and for ensuring the long-term sustainability of the organisation. It is about the big picture and the long-term direction of the organisation. A strategic plan does not focus on the operational or daily tasks of the staff – these are short term work plans that feed into the strategic plan. My services would include:

  • Identifying or reviewing the Vision & Mission for your organisation ensuring it is current and coherent.
  • Developing your overarching key objectives and strategies for achieving them.
  • Ensuring your strategic implementation, timescales and a procedure for reviewing progress and modifying the plan.

Income Generation & Sustainability Planning – No Third Sector Organisation or SME can exist without good Income Generation Planning. Is your funding too heavily reliant on one funding source? Is your Core Funding secure? Is your mix of funding balanced and secure? Have you funding in place for longer than one year? Do you have enough reserves?

I support Third Sector Organisations and Social Enterprises devise and implement longer-term income generation, income diversification and sustainability plans to ensure their future viability and stability.

Bid Writing With 26 years of highly successful and effective bid writing experience I can support your organisation:

  • To effectively develop and plan projects and programmes to ensure they are attractive, outcome led and meet the needs of the funder.
  • Research potential sources of funding.
  • Write the applications.
  • Develop processes for implementation, progress review, claims and evaluation to ensure the funder relationship is successful, highly effective and will increase your opportunities for future contributions.

KarenMooreBiz Workshops

Vision, Values & Strategic Objectives Workshops designed specifically for Third Sector Organisations, Social Enterprises and SME’s. The workshops are highly interactive; participative; engaging; bright and energetic. Your organisation by the end of the session will understand why it exists; where it is going and how it is going to get there. You will also have devised your organisational top level strategic objectives from which your business and financial plan will follow.

Tools used include the Golden Circle Model by Simon Sinek & 5 Bold Steps Models from Design a Better Business. Session Length 1 day or 2 half-day sessions.

Organisational Culture Design or Culture Change Workshops – designed for Third Sector Organisations, Social Enterprises and SME’s. By the end of the session you will have identified a culture that works for your organisation; implementation tips and tools; effective monitoring and a simple and effective way of how to ensure your culture flows and works at all levels, including with internal and external customers. This workshop is designed to challenge perceptions and behaviours. It is highly interactive, engaging, fast paced and thought provoking.