Developing Staff


In my role as CEO, I established a new Board for my organisation and have transitioned it twice to get the right mix of skills, gender balance and leadership styles. I have experience of Chairing a Board and currently I hold two Non-Executive Directorship positions.

As a Certified Instructor in Social Styles® and through Coaching, I work with Boards and Leadership Teams to improve, strengthen and understand better the behaviours and styles that work to achieve excellent team dynamics and effective governance.

In the context of governance excellence, effective leadership depends on a highly functional Board; a major success factor to achieve this is healthy board dynamics.

A simple definition – board dynamics refers to the way individual board directors interact with each other, in the carrying out of their duties as a Director with the objective of generating value for the organisation. The dynamics of the board can be seen through the language used in the boardroom, through the culture of challenge, questioning and debate, and ultimately through the decisions and actions of the board itself.

To achieve a healthy board dynamic, it’s important to view the board not as a group of individuals with specialist knowledge and skills; each coming together to make their individual contributions at meeting but rather as a group of senior leaders forming a team – each person coming to the table with the intention to co-operate, collaborate, and work cohesively with others to provide a governance function for the organisation.

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