Executive or Business Coaching releases the potential in leaders and helps them develop the potential in their teams. I work with Executives to focus on their business objectives and outcomes while advancing their professional development ambitions.

As a coach I have in-depth experience in helping Executives or Organisations to better achieve business priorities and outcomes while growing personally and professionally. With a variety of methodologies and tools I work with Executives & Businesses to identify areas for improvement, challenge leadership styles and behaviours, enhance versatility and adaptability, increase resilience, leverage their strengths across the business, and lead teams more effectively.

Coaching is tailored to directly meet the needs of my Clients and their organisations.


  • Professional support from an experienced coach dedicated to unleashing the highest potential of the executive or business
  • Coaching tailored to client objectives and the executive’s /business specific needs and constraints
  • Proven tools and methodologies for improving performance and changing behaviour

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Coaching Experience

Registered Coach & Mentor, Institute of Directors Scotland, HIE Programme

Associate Coach, Accelerate Development,

Registered Coach & Mentor, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, Women’s Business Mentoring Programme

Associate Coach, IC Transformations,

Associate Coach, Drew Cameron Associates,


“Meeting and working with Karen has been an informative, and beneficial experience for me, with regards both my career, and my personal / family life.

As a coach, Karen’s style is not to lead or follow, it is to walk the journey in step with you. She gradually enhances the context and allows you to come to your own conclusions. This style really worked for me as it ensured absolute personal ownership of any given decision (and subsequent outcome), as we progressed and developed through the sessions.

That’s not to say Karen does not have the ability to get right to the nub of an issue. Where there were blockers to progress, either conceptually, or with my developing understanding of the context in which I was operating, she was absolutely able to effectively synopsise, and get to the route of any issue. This secondary ability, coupled with the above coaching style, made for effective sessions, and made this a valuable (potentially priceless, career wise) process for me.

I would recommend Karen as a coach, not only to those trying to develop themselves to the next level in their careers, but to those wanting to take stock of and better understand their personal lives.”

Mark McLaughlin, Head of Finance, Clyde, Babcock International Group

“The approach taken by my coach suited my own style, personality and goals very well.  This coaching partnership is a good fit.”

Mhairi, Head of Quality, International Engineering Business