Within organisations across the globe, leaders and senior HR managers are looking for ways to help employees deal with the effects of workplace change, strain, increasing workload and increased levels of anxiety. Whether they know it by name, they are seeking individual and organisational resilience.

As a CEO and business leader, I have experienced periods of exceptional change in both my business and personal life, so I started to get interested in what made a person resilient; be able to dig deep, cope, survive and keep focused. There are six well-documented behaviours which increase your resilience in leadership and life. Through coaching I am working with leaders and businesses to develop and strengthen these behaviours so that they and their organisation are more likely to survive and thrive under complex change and stressful situations.

Mentally strong people have the capacity to go with the flow, but they also find opportunities in hardship. They have the ability to bounce back from misfortune. But do you? How resilient is your organisation, workforce or you as a leader in the face of significant change or challenge?

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